The Inevitable Demise Of Sports Games is At Hand!!!

User Rating: 1 | NCAA Football 10 X360
I don't necessarily have much to say about the gameplay. I mean, this was no more than a roster update & patch with a few tweaks. Some needed... some not. My biggest & really only complaint about this games is


I noticed yesterday, that while in the recruiting mode, in order to use "Pipe-Line States" you have purchase this feature in order to have access to it as well as the "Advisor" feature.

I mean, you pay $65 for the PS3/360 version of the game & EA want's to nickel & dime you even more!!!! This is rediculous. Even in "Second Life" you can download the game to your PC for free & play the game for "free." They've incorporated the "micro-transaction" philosophy within this game BUT, the game is free.

With NCAA Football '10 you are shelling out cold hard cash. Then, if you play on the XBox 360, you have to pay an additional $50 for a Gold Live account. When you factor in the "1000 XBL Points" it costs to have access to all Pipe-Line States & the additional "300 XBL Poins" for the Advisor mode you end up paying $10.65 (or so) a month to play this game on-line. Or, $165 a year with the purchase of Pipe-Line & Advisor. Good thing I don't play on-line mode. I'm done with this franchise after over 15 years of playing EA's College football games (Bill Walsh's College Football in the 90's on the Genesis).