Last years gameplay was better, but this has more polish.

User Rating: 9.5 | NCAA Football 10 PS3
It seems when you have the ball your players are running with sandbags on their feet. DE's and Safeties who are slow catching up with a 99 speed player really sucks. Last years game had much better gameplay, but the polish of Road to Glory is a nice touch. It seems this year you can not run or pass on a blitz... roll out and throw it is about the only way to evade the pass rush, and even then you are eating dirt as you let the ball go. I do like the online leader board for Road to Glory legend points though, makes it worth playing more than 1 year after you get the Heisman as a Freshman.

If you plan on playing a running back, turn the settings down or you will get less than 150 yards per game. Last year I could average 300+ ypg, this year less than half that with over 30 rushes. :)