A Great Game, But It Doesn't Distinguish Itself from Previous Iterations

User Rating: 8 | NCAA Football 10 PS3

It's College Football: Sure, this is an obvious point to make, but it needs to be made because NCAA10 is made for a certain type of gamer. If you're acollege football fan who likes to game, then thisgame isfor you. NCAA 10 has weekly polls, Heisman race updates, recruiting, conference rankings, etc....all the info a fan would want in real life. This is College Football!

Online Dynasty: This is college football truly realized in video game form. Up to 12 gamers participate in an online dynasty where you play through your team's schedule and battle for recruits. EA has givethe commisioner more control over scheduling and rules. Every game AND recruit counts. There's no quitting...and no room for babies. If you want to get Hardcore with this game, this is the mode.

Gameplay: Each year EA Tiburon refineshow this game plays and NCAA10 is their best offering yet. While not much is different from NCAA09, the game does feel more fluid and there are new animations.

Online Rosters: Thanks to some dedicated fans, you can download full rosters for nearly every team in the game. And they are accurate.


Presentation: ....or lack thereof. Compared to Madden10, this game is barren when it comes to presentation.

Custom Soundtracks: I don't care whose (Sony or EA) fault it is, but the lack of custom soundtracks on the PS3 version is inexcusable. Not being able to listen to my music deters from my enjoyment.

Erin Andrews: I don't care about her or that she's in the game. Other than being attractive, there is nothing special about her. And I wouldn't even mention Erin if the game didn't remind you, the gamer, that she is in the game so damn often.


If you enjoy college football, then NCAA 10 was made for you. The game has everything a fan would want, including an Online Dynasty that can keep you busy until NCAA 11 drops.

However, NCAA 10 treads no new ground and is basically justNCAA 09 with a frest coat of paint. Sure, NCAA 10 does everything better, but it does nothing to distinguish itself from the previous iteration.