EA has been on autopilot for years. Silly silly and only getting sillier.

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 09 X360

Let's call Madden '94 the first real football game, since it was first to utilize the features we have expanded on and improved over the years. So, we're 15 years worth of football games in and nobody has yet to consider one simple thing. Pass blocking and run blocking are not the same thing. For the love of god, somebody make a game with accurate blocking already. I want to see my guard fire out and actually push the defender out of the way creating what we call "a hole". Not just stand there, trapped in a slow dance until the moment I run by. That being said, let's continue with everything else I hate about this game and this series.

-Lee Corso is actually approaching the point where he's more annoying than Madden. Hearing "yolp" and "I call this the Scooter Special" one more time may cause my ears to bleed.

-Other reviews have covered this, but computer recruiting assistant is terrible, netting me a WR and 2 kickers for the #1 ranked team in the nation.

-The AI is becoming more "Blitz" -esque... where on kickoff, the blockers are so tuned to your movements, its better to run out of bounds, taking all the blockers with you and leaving your teammates to tackle.

-This is the first football game I've noticed... where your players sometimes just do not listen to you. Instead of cover 3, two guys blitz and the other just kind of wanders around, or your TE will block the FS instead of running his route.

-If you throw an interception, you have to take a mini-quiz of what the defense was in order to "regain your composure" ... yet getting them all right or all wrong changes nothing in your performance.

-And lastly... I just want to point out that the load screen for Ohio State uses a picture of my cousin (blonde one) from when she was a cheerleader back in '03... we're even using outdated pictures, c'mon EA.