Against human opponents, NCAA is fantastic. Against the CPU, NCAA is terrible

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 09 X360
NCAA 09 is a blast to play online and against friends. However, if you plan on doing dynasty mode, it's horrible.

First off the CPU completes about 70% of its passes every game, regardless of who you are playing and regardless of what defense you play. Second, the CPU knows what play you are calling every time. Been running a lot and want to try a play action pass? It won't work against the CPU. Trying to confuse them with blitzes or zone coverage schemes? Won't work against the CPU. You are limited to 30% of your playbook on offense and defense against the CPU because you have to call your plays knowing that that they will know what you are calling.

Recruiting is awful. It is very time consuming and if you let the CPU do it, your recruiting classes will be very bad. So you're pretty much forced to spend hours and hours recruiting. To make NCAA 10 better: Improve CPU playcalling and make recruiting go by faster.

It's ashame EA can't fix the CPU in NCAA, otherwise it would be a perfect series.