Ncaa 09 offers alot and bring the GREAT online dynasty feature. Although it is an easy game, theres alot to offer here..

User Rating: 9.5 | NCAA Football 09 X360
Ncaa 09 has been my favorite ncaa football game besides ncaa 06. Football games are basically the same year in and year out, but when a company can add a feature that gives you a whole ne experience then it makes that football game groundbreaking. 06 brought us race to the heisman mode and delivered nicely. now 09 brings us a mode called the Online Dynasty. Dynasty mode has always been the most played and famed feature for the ncaa series, now theyre incorperating the second favored feature online play together with it. Now you and a few buddies can get together and enjoy a dynasty together. Or you can get up to 12 starngers to play with u to offer a challenge. This mode brings more then just on the field gaming against an opponent, now you have to out recruit and build your dynasty team up better than theirs. This mode single handedly makes this game worth while.

In previous versions of the NCAA series ive played on all american at first and adjusted so i could play on heisman, and i won with some difficulty. This year i found myself getting to a point where i could post 140 on a ranked opponent without trouble. I also found that breaking records, winning awards and winning the heisman was not challenging enough. This also goes for the Race for The Heisman mode where you build up your created recruit. You can be the number one player in the nation easily as a freshman. Its easy to gain 99 speed at a skill position and building a dominant QB is extremely simple no matter what type of QB you create.

Overall this game is amazing though. Besides for the easy difficulty it is great and the online dynasty makes this the most replayable NCAA game i have ever had.