Lack of details and very generic football game, for a 2009!

User Rating: 6.5 | NCAA Football 09 X360
I purchased this game when it came out ,and at first like all things new I thought it was looking pretty good. But when you look at it with a magnifying lens, you will see that there is not much to this game.

Well for starters, you do not see any refs out on the field. The only time you do see a ref is when a penalty is called , and its the same ref every time. Not realistic ! When you do play a smaller college team like Bowling Green (OH) the stadium is packed like for over 100,000 fans. but in reality, they very rarely pack these stadiums. Plus, The stadiums are not the real stadiums.

There are no chain gang for the first down. Instead the computer decides whether you get the 1st down.The same goes for the flip of the coin. Not realistic! Inclement weather noone in the crowd shows no effect from the weather, like say, umbrellas, coats, etc. Not realistic! The field does not get worn down in real grass .You do not see any of the coaches on the sidelines and when a player does score or get a first down, the players on the sidelines are cheering in the wrong direction.

When you do play against a bigger school within the top ten, no matter if you play your A game, the computer has a tendecy to cheat, like a fumble or an interception, or the computer will juke or make the catch to make the 3rd and 12 to a first down.

It is fun however, if you play against a friend.

It does have that college atmosphere to it because, you can hear the band, but nowhere to be seen. The roar of the crowd does help. The plays are good.
(depending on what team you have) The legacy is very lame. The recruitting does get old. The announcers are very good.

Overall this is a very disappointing college football game, because the lack of details. Its just a basic football game. You would expect more from a large producer of these particular games, since it is for a stronger console, and its 2009 for goodness sakes.