Similar to NCAA 08, but still a great game if you do not own a XBOX 360 or PS3.

User Rating: 6 | NCAA Football 09 PS2
NCAA 09 has made minimal improvements from NCAA 08.
What is different is here-
Mascot Challenge Drills(Game Mode)
In Mascot Challenge you do EXACTLY what you did on PS2-gen
consoles with Madden 08 skill drills, only with mascots this time.

Better Skill Position Recruits(Dynasty)
More five star Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Receivers will show up than in previous years in recruiting.

Running back combo moves(Game-play Upgrade)
You can now execute Ball Carrier combo moves. With these you can que your next move before you get out of your current one.

Family Play(Game Mode)
With family play you or your football illiterate family can dominate with simplified controls, simplified playbooks, and weaker CPU opposition.

Other than those things, no improvements were made. No glitches were fixed. EA Sports also renamed the mascot game mode to match the current-gen( Coke Zero Mascot Mash Up ).

If you do not own NCAA 08, then what are you waiting for?!
Go get this game now!
But if you do own NCAA 08, then be prepared for a bit of a disappointment.
You need to think about jumping out to spend 40 bucks like I did.