Best football game of the next gen???

User Rating: 9 | NCAA Football 09 X360
Yes :) Hands down NCAA 09 is the best football game of the next gen. NCAA is packed full of stuff to do and you will not get bored anytime soon with it. When you 1st play NCAA the 1st thing you will notice is the look of the game. The graphics are overhauled big time, and and really fells like a college atmosphere. Also a new feature is the new break away tackling system witch makes it alot easier to break out of tackle's. Witch is a good thing on Offense and a bad thing on Defense. Also what makes this game truly great is the little things that are in it, Like the cheerleaders on the sideline and the sound in the game is really nice to hear pads hitting pads all the time make it really fell like football.

The new "Ice the kicker" in the game makes it so when you or your opponent is about to go for a filed goal that could win or tie up the game. You can call a timeout and the camera will drop down to the ground behind the kicker and puts ice on the kicking meter making it really hard to make a long field goal, And unlike gamespot I love this. Another big thing in the game is the new commentary play by play calling that I for one love to hear them talk lol about the game and saying stuff like "What a dumb play what was he thinking"
*ONLINE*- What we all really want to hear about the online in NCAA is really good but does have some of the same problem as all EA football games and that is the lag. I would say I have played about 25 games online and about 10 of them unplayable lag and 5 so so lag but could play. But when you get a game with no lag its so much fun going head to head with others online. A BIG key in online with year "Online Dynasty mode" Where you and 11 of your friends or people you don't know can start an Online Dynasty. It's a great new thing in the game that works really well and as for offline Dynasty the game really fun. Taking your team to the bowl games. And some people don't like it but recruiting people and calling them trying to get them to come to your collage can be really fun once you get the hang of things. As for Campus Legend mode really is not that great, It has camera problems and just does not fell any good to play and the play calling problems. Like one time on a 3rd and 12 the called for really dumb run. Most of the time they are not that dumb to do that but they do sometimes.

All in all NCAA football 2009 is a really great game and the best football game of this gen. A must have for any football fan and for you people that are not a football fan well this is not the game for you.