Amazingly Horrible

User Rating: 1.5 | NCAA Football 09 All-Play WII
After being a gamespot member for more than three years and never having posted a video game review before now... it is safe to assume that if I am posting a review now it is because I felt more than compelled to do so.

So, what compelled me?? This shamefully bad, waste-of-$50-dollar-game titled called...NCAA Football 09.

Please trust when I say EVERYTHING about this game sucks.

Graphics? They SUCK.

Gameplay? It SUCKS.

Sound? It SUCKS (well not really)

Controls? They SUCK.

The Spartan on the cover? Well I woundn't know but I certainly hope not.

I mean seriously, I've never been so remorseful over spending $50 in my life. I've felt better about paying for speeding tickets. If the retailer did not take the game back from me (with very little explanation on my part) I would have gladly traded this game for a $25 gift card to McDonalds.

In closing, what amazes me the most about this game is how in the you know where does that little Spartan on the cover of the box have the balls to look buyers in the face knowing that the game he is on the front of stinks like a warm FART after drinking a glass of wolf knuckles and pig vomit.

I rest my case.