Has anyone at Gamespot ever played football? Their sports reviews are awful. This game is good.

User Rating: 9 | NCAA Football 09 X360
This is a good game lots of improvements over last year and its a lot of fun. Gamespots review is a joke. These guys dont know anything about the sport. Theres alot of new features including more realistic animations and more fluid gameplay. The only complaint that I have is that its easier then previous versions of NCAA and Madden so playing on Heisman isnt very hard for an experienced player who knows football. When it comes to Gamespot trust their revies with MMOs, RTSs, and FPSs. Dont trust sports game reviews from a bunch of nerds that have never played sports in their lives.
The graphics are a considerable amount better then last year and the new features like online dynasty are great. The best part about 09 is the improved gameplay. The quick audibles on offense and defense add alot more strategy to playcalling on both sides of the ball. Also, the movement of the players on the field is more natural than before.
For serious sports gamers like me this is the best football game on the market. If your some kind of comic book collecting, Star Trek fanboy, nerd...well then you might not even understand football enough to appreciate a good game. *cough* gamespot *cough*