NCAA is back! Here's my review and suggestions.

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 09 PS3
I have played NCAA since the 03 game (or somewhere around in there). I live in TN and college football is everything. NCAA Football 09 is the best yet, however it's not the best it can be.

The Good: Great graphics, terrific sound, custom stadium sounds, ONLINE DYNASTY.

The Bad: Custom stadium sounds don't seem to work all the time for some reason, campus legend hasn't changed, "Hit triangle for celebration"... hmm.... nothing happened, alot of the same.

Even with a longer bad list than good list, NCAA Football 09 gets a 8.5 from me. It's the same great football game you've grown to love.

Some suggestions for NCAA Football 2010:

1. Do something different with Campus Legend.

2. Get realistic--Too many tackles are broken too easily, kickers can kick a freakin mile, fast QBs are slow, celebrations not good enough (for me). All these things make up the true college football atmosphere.

3. Mimic the actual games better. An example: During a timeout, end of quarter, change of possession, or after a score (and PAT), the score is displayed at the bottom of the screen on the TV and the announcers announce the score like: "This is a crucial timeout for Alabama, trailing Tennessee by 4 late." (UT 21, UA 17 1:23 4th). Remember that was all an example. I think it'll be cool if the makers of NCAA Football could make that happen.

4. Allow which part of songs can be played in custom stadium sounds. I have some songs I wanna play that would fit the situation perfect (like the original Rocky Top for when UT scores a Touchdown) but it doesn't get past the intro of the song b/c each song starts from the beginning. They need a set time of playing, like to be able to start the song a minute into or song (at the chorus, for example).

These are just my suggestions. Great game! GO VOLS!