I loved NCAA 08 what could have possibly gone wrong?

User Rating: 6.5 | NCAA Football 09 PS3
A lot of stuff. That's what went wrong. Seriously NCAA Football 08 is undoubtedly one of my favorite sports games of all time, so I thought I would upgrade and go to my PS3 instead of PS2 with better graphics and what not. Really this was a downgrade with better graphics. Why EA? Why?

- Awesome Graphics
- Updated Campus Legend is the best thing on the game
- Addictive Gameplay
- You really get the feel of being at a college

- You can't make your own team (My favorite feature of NCAA 08)
- Frustrating controls are completely different from 08
- Ridiculous load times
- Mini-games are stupid and frustrating
- Mascot mash up is lame
- Watered down version of 08

So really you should get 08, that game was absolutely awesome and I am ashamed of EA that they could make such an awesome game so crappy. This made me sad.