I think it's great, the achievements were a little too easy. But the gameplay was great.

User Rating: 9 | NCAA Football 07 X360
So this game is the 2006 seasong of College Football. I'll have to say that it's breathtaking achievements and innovative gameplay make it a necessity for all football lovers who just happen to own an Xbox 360 or some other console that allows this game to be played upon. It has EVERY team known to man, you got Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, Oregon, and every other team who's names I do not know. So let me talk a little about the Dynasty Mode (Career). You start off obviously choosing a team, if you can figure it out (I thought it was easy) how to change your schedule to all the hardest teams so you'd actually receive a difficult season, or you could make it so easy you shutout every team. Personally, I think the hardest, yet fun, challenging addition to the game was the new mini games. Like bowling, I've had this game for almost a year (although I play it like.....................once every 2 weeks) and I still don't have the achievement for aceing the whole game.

I also enjoy the fact that you have an easier, and more talented selection of substitutes. In it's predecessors, you didn't have as many different efficient, clever young guys who are truly experienced enough to compete at the college division.

Happy gamin!!!!!!