Not Very Cool, Or What I Was Expecting.

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 07 XBOX
This is the 2007 version of NCAA Football. I think its a great game. The conrols are fantastic, graphics, sound track. I love it all there are tons and tons of things you can do. Like create a guy and upload him into madden. It's very fun and addicting. The soundtrack uses a wide verity of bands from real collages, which is cool. All the one thing I hate is the gameplay. It just seems down. Boring. Upnoctious. I hate the gamplay mode. It seems like if you want to run it goes so slow and its arivating. That's tthe really downside about this game. And if your playing like two player and you pass it, it seems like that catch the ball every fricken time, it's so anoying. Overall, I don''t really like this game that much but it's okay because of all the different things you can do on it. So, I guess I will give it an okay rating because of that one thing. 7.0/10