This game is like one of the best games in the world.

User Rating: 10 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
Hey, it's the MercMaster here, and you have just entered one of my reviews. I bought this game for a very cheap price, so i thought it would be disatrous. But I WAS WRONG. Me and my dad feel like we are actually at a football game. Well, you probably want to here the review, so here it goes: Graphics: 8/10 There good, but not the best.

Gameplay: 9/10 Fantastic Glitches: 1/10 Here's the deal: When someone gets tackled into another person but doesn't knock that person down, the'll go through them, so it doesn't make it really realistic.

Online: Haven't played it yet

Multiplayer: Same as before

Overall: 10/10 AWESOME!

So, the game is pretty cool and easy for begginer players, and a lot of the teams you've probably heard of. Well, I don't have anything else to put, so enjoy this random set of letters: papapapapapapap papapapap apapap apapap apapap apapa papa papaapapapap appa apap appa apap appa apap appa appa appa appa apap apppppppp bhcdghgdhhud hdskhhs hkhsdksh\k khSDKh hiashihduio shiih iuhihxcjk hf icihu unduu huhd ihu hui hufhuui hiuui hypuihds uihiuhudsi huihuhxui hu u uuu uiudi uduuid uuidu u uuu u u u u i u u u u u u u u u u u u i i i i i i ii abc defg hijk lmnop qrs tuv wxyzmkdkkdkkdkkdj kdkdk m dm kdi mdm ioidm omjzisd midm dmo imodi mod opsd isopipd miospim sopim iosim ospmi psoi opsmi idopsmi omsmiudmmus p[musp[ dmusomu dpsou dompsu mopumsu mios umiosu pisaopsaududuud ududuud dududu dududu du dudu p oopoo poo poo jxhjhjxh hjshzkh nx uh dsa shjh khkhxzhzuy u zxuihyuis udisoy soai