Pretty cool with a few flaws

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 07 PSP
All right, I'm gonna get right 2 the point the game is really cool 2 play and has many game modes that will truly draw u into the game. But of course with every game it has a couple minor flaws.

Dynasty Mode- Basically you play as whatever team u want and start demolishing your opponent. It features real rosters, stadiums, and schedules. However a flaw is that when you go 2 play a game the horrific loading times are torture to sit through(about 1-2 minutes). Bowl games and championships included.

Rivalry Mode- You can be any team you want and answer the ultimate question "who will win Ohio State or Michigan?". Almost all rivalries included, before game it gives u a brief history of rivalry, and if you win you can collect the trophies of your wins in, big surprise, your own trophy room.

Mascot Game- Well pretty self explanatory u play as any teams mascot and try to beat the other team.

Now another thing about the game that I consider a flaw is that the game has no Campus Legend mode but other than that and the horrible loading times the game is pretty solid and keeps you coming back.