this is a really great game with superb gamplay, it really gives you the college affect.

User Rating: 10 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
This game is a great gane to the ncaa meaning of football. The gamplay is really outstanding and when you play campus ledgend you get the feeling you are acually in college. You have to get your popularity up so people know you,play games well, get good grades,have good rating on your guy,break records, go to summer camp, get a scholership and study....maybe a lot maybe a little it depends on what major you choose before the season starts. I play for Army because i wanted to get there college football program better and after go and serve for my country. You can choose to go pro on your junior year or stay and play another year with your team. After the 3 or 4 years you have been at the college, you can inport your guy into madden 07 and play as him. Your overall will be lower then what it was when you left college (college overall-99 madden overall-91) This game is outstanding and I hope EA games makes more great and exciting games like this one!






Tilt- 9

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