Great game, next year's should be much better.

User Rating: 9.2 | NCAA Football 07 X360
Being the college football nut that I am I haven't missed this game since it first came out on the Xbox. Each year things change and well starting off on the 360 had a lot of high expectations, almost too high. I feel that this version gets this great game off to a great start.

I start off in Dynasty mode with Auburn, of course. This was my first opportunity to see the accurate version of Jordan-Hare. They did a very good job with it as the stadium sparkles with orange and blue. The in-season recruiting is still there and runs the same as last years version, you scout about 15 players and you distribute 100 points among them. The announcers are still the same trio of Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso, they have some new lines, but you still have some of the old ones in there.

As far as gameplay goes it seems very fluid and smooth. The spin moves don't seem jagged and quick as in the past versions, the spins are much more smooth as they should be. The new impact stick works great. You can juke with it or you can push it forward and see something different happen, at times your player trucks the player in front and bounces off, or if a player dives your guy hurdles right over him. The passing game is much improved and the wide recievers catch a lot of balls, it has to be a bad pass for the guy to drop it.

As for the defensive side of the ball the cornerbacks seem to be lost a lot. The hit stick has been improved and you no longer have to hit it three steps before the guy gets to you. There are plenty of new tackle animations, which were much needed.

I finished my first season and there wasn't a big celebration after I won the National Title which was dissapointing. The recruiting seemed about the same as last years, the only difference would be the new 3-d map. I did find that it was a little bit tougher to attract the big-name recruits, but I managed to finish 3rd overall.

The mini-games are fun to play for a little while. My favorite is Tug-of-War. You go back and forth alternating every play and you try and score, very fast paced. Bowling is good, I just don't find playing at the 10-yard line fun, it limits your plays. Option Dash, well it's what the title says, you run the option over and over until your 2 minutes is up.

The achievements are in here and I wonder sometimes why I don't get some of them. It seems to be one of those unsolved mysteries.

The ESPN Ticker is a good addition, especially during recruiting where you are in the menu for a while.

I don't have anything to say about the Online play because I hate playing with those stupid cheezers, so I just enjoy myself in Dynasty mode.

Bottom line, this game is still plenty of fun. If the trend from the Xbox applies then next year's version should be amazing.