Very solid debut for the series but has a ways to go before it's as great as 06 on xbox.

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 07 X360
My favorite football game was NCAA Football 06 on the xbox. I has so much fun with that game and the gameplay was excellent I never stopped playing it. Even now I still throw in 06 every once in a while to play a game or two.

Now I wasn't expecting 07 to be head and shoulders better than last year's game since they were making NCAA from scratch for the 360. NCAA 07 is a very nice debut but there are some things that need to be changed. Not being able to edit your player's equipment kinda sucks especially after you get a few years into Dynasty. Also not having alternate uniforms from the get go was weird. The gameplay, which is what really matters is actually pretty good and you actually get that college feel from the stadiums, the graphics look real nice. The dynasty is pretty fun to play and I got through about 6 or 7 years without getting tired of it.

Overall NCAA Football 07 is a solid game, but it's missing a lot of those small key features that was in NCAA 06 that EA needs to put back in. NCAA 07 is a way better debut on the 360 than Madden 06 was. This game is actually playable and fun to play against your buddies.