By Far, the worst representation of the college world known to man.

User Rating: 4 | NCAA Football 07 PSP
This game sucks. Yes it is very entertaining but all you do is look past that. The graphics are horrible, even for a handheld, and they seem proud of it. They always have closeups of the players whose heads look like stripes painted on them because there is no dimensions. it seems 2d. Its to hard to make tackles, the controls are too snesnitive. The loading times are worse then smackdown vs raw and it sucks. The rosters arent updated, the team rankings arent updated. Its basically ncaa 06. the graphics look like ncaa 11 b.c. its horrible and nevr buy it even if its 11 cents on sale. Yes i own it and played but only cause i cant afford 08. Its gay and it sucks and its blasphemy.