A $3 Game That Is Actually Good!

User Rating: 8.5 | NCAA Football 07 X360
I know this game is old now, that there are newer verions of NCAA football, but you still should pick the game up. Its only $3 and it is a great deal. The graphics are good but the players faces dont differ to mutch. The mini games are fun and add a couple hours of gameplay. The main feature in this game is the Dynasty. This game has one of the best dynasty modes i have ever played in any sports game. You first pick your team. Every team is in this game and they all play differently. One team could be great at running the option when another could stink but be good at throwing the ball. Each team differs and it makes for a great AI. Once you pick your team you get to do recruiting, red-shirting, custum sheduals and depth charts. The gameplay is great and packs a big punch. The hit-stick is great and can really make you feel right in the game. The option is easy to run and everything feels nice and smooth. Once you finish the season you get to totally change to outlook of your team for the nest few seasons with a great recruiting system, transfers, walk on, and a bunch more. If you just sit back and do whatever doing the offseason, your team will reflect that in the future. But if you recruit good players and make smart moves, you will be rewared with a great team. This is a great game and is a lot of fun. The achievements work great and can be a lot of fun. For $3 this is a must buy for any sports fan, or someone that wants to test out a college football game.