A great game that can be bought very cheap at this point.

User Rating: 9.5 | NCAA Football 07 X360
Game Review-Xbox 360-NCAA Football 07

Review 148

Released: July 18, 2006
Publisher: EA Sports
Game Genre: Football Sim
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Opening Thoughts:
NCAA Football 07 is the debut NCAA title on the Xbox 360.

Gameplay: 50%
Graphics: 30%
Durability: 20%

Gameplay (10/10)
Anytime you see me say 'wow' in a review you know I'm impressed. So here it comes…wow…the change from the gameplay in the Xbox releases compared to this is breathtaking. Even the 08 games on the PS2 and the Xbox are not up to par with this.

The game has gotten much more realistic with the next-gen system. Unlike previous NCAA football titles, small things (like the invincible hit stick) have improved greatly. For instance, a halfback that is 95 overall will no longer break every single tackle that the hit stick is used in. Instead, the hit stick can only be used once per play, and even then, it is no longer guaranteed that the back will break the tackle.

Small things like that create a great realistic atmosphere for the game.

As if that wasn't enough, the Dynasty mode is even more in-depth now, with improved menus and more options.

Graphics (8/10)
The graphics are great but not breathtaking. When a football game can have graphics that do not lag, I will give it a ten.

Durability (10/10)
The game will last the user quite some time, whether it is religiously played or just picked up out of boredom.

Overall Score (9.4/10)
Rounded Score (9.5/10)

Final Thoughts:
I bought this game for 6 dollars used. In my opinion, seeing as how I am a poor college student, it would be much more worth it to buy this game for 6 dollars used than to spend 60 bucks (plus tax) on the new 09 games. It's a very solid game.