Collage football in handheld form.

User Rating: 8 | NCAA Football 07 PSP
Ok so I have this game on the PS2 and wasn't really looking to get this game, but after seeing it in the store for $16.00 I couldn't pass it up.
It play's like it's big brother version but with different button layouts.
All in all it's a good solid football game and you don't have to worry about the campus legend mode like you do with the PS2 version, which I feel is just a waste of time. I wish EA would also do away with the stupid mascot game. It's a waste of time and it sucks.
The only thing I would have liked to see changed is the the fact that you really can't do much to your player other than change his name, choose between being left or right handed and thier number. I would like to see more options like the full version.
The graphics are solid and the game play is very solid.
Other than that, if you've played the PS version then you'll like playing this one.
This is it, until someone comes out with something better.
If you're a football fan you can't go wrong with game, even if you try.