Adding onto the wheel with spinners, not reinventing it.

User Rating: 9.8 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
I've read only two to three reviews of NCAA 07 in the past ten minutes or so.
Most of them have said pretty much the same thing, basically that it is no different than last year's version with a few minor exceptions. So to that end
I ask the one question that nobody else has bothered to ask...

Why is that such a bad thing?

How many of you have toiled for hours just trying to fill in names of people on teams, because there wasn't anything that let you just hit a button and the CPU names the rosters for you?

How often have you gone through an offseason in the Dynasty mode, just wishing you could just ONCE play a Spring Game so that YOU could have a say so in who your Impact Players are for the following year?

So they slapped a new coat of paint on the already existing game, but made a few cosmetic upgrades. So what? NCAA 06 was an already great game and guess what? NCAA 07 is what I expected it to be coming out of the gates, to the point where I'm wishing I had a copy right now so I could play it. In the Dynasty mode, during your in-season recruiting, no longer do you have to wait until after the offseason recruiting period to see which side
of the line your LB, DE, G or T plays. All you have to do is see what they play
when you scout and boom, done deal. A minor little nuisance that people overlook because they're too busy griping about every other thing that's not wrong with the game.

The kicking game got a major overhaul and the view, will take a while to get
used to, especially if there's money on the line and your heart's in your throat as you try to knock down the game winner. But with some practice, it should be easy as cake to knock down a 40 something yarder going into the wind. The way they have the momentum system is pretty realistic, as it takes into account all of the stuff that the previous versions took for granted.

The gameplay is pretty nice and there are a few additions to the already existing play by play banter between the best three man team in the college
game with Corso, Herbstreit and Nessler. Funny thing is, with all of the work they put into this it makes me ask the question...

Why can't they make March Madness look this great?