Not exactly 2006!

User Rating: 8.8 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
For starters I really liked the 06 version of the game, but I am a hardcore football player and like games which represent realistic football. To me, 2006 failed to do that for me, but was still a fun game to play.

A few reviews posted so far have stated the game from a graphical standpoint has mislead and will misslead some people in buying the game b/c they see the commercials on t.v. and all. Those commercials are for the 360, and the ps2 version is not even in the ball park. Same as last year in my opinion. So I agree, don't buy the game for graphics unless you own a 360.

As far as gameplay, it's much better than last year. The juke moves, hesitations, etc. are much more real than last year, even the tackles and how a player goes down is different.

The kickoffs and punt returns as well as how you kick off, punt, and attempt field goals have dramatically changed the way the game is played, and depending on the person I'm sure this will be what in essence makes or breaks the game from a rating standpoint, at least on gameplay. I do like the changes for kickoffs and punts, again b/c it limits the ability for you to break off and big play. If you play on an easy level on the old game it was nothing for you to break off a punt return almost everytime you touch it, not gonna happen in this game. The camera angle will not allow it for one, but when you do break it you will really get pumped up!

The slow mo screen on big hits and interceptions is another cool feature of the game. The screen will come up when their is a close call with a pass (as in possibly an interception) and when someone gets slammed to the turf (ex. quarterback sack). Pretty cool new features that adds something new to the game.

I will be honest about the booth review or challenge play option, I've simply not tried it and have no idea how good it works. If it's anything like madden, then it will add another cool thing for the game.

All in all, most guys that play the game will tell you that the game is alot like 2006, which I cannot fully disagree. The same thing happened last year with Madden for the Sony and Xbox, as the XBOX 360 was about to hit the shelves and the game from a graphical standpoint as well as gameplay (if you remember), hardly anything was changed on Madden 2006 from 2005 aside from the vision mode.

NCAA 2007 from menus to soundtrack, to even the start of the game is the exact same as last year. Having said the negatives, the positives are it's a much more realistic game. The jukes are harder to pull off for big gaines, it's more difficult to bring guys down (I'm speaking for All-American/Heisman level) and passes while scrambling do not always pay off. No more passes with a scrambling qb for 50+ yards and hitting the reciever for the score. You have to earn your wins.