I got it at a Midnight release and waited in line for an hour. This game was worth it!

User Rating: 10 | NCAA Football 07 X360
First off ive been waiting for a NCAA football game for about 2 years (Ex-owner of a Nintendo Gaycube) and it was worth every second! This game is the sh*t! If you are even moderatly interested in football than this is the game for you! This is perhaps the best game out for the 360. It beats Oblivion in my book.

Now the game. In my first game I played Tennesse against my Gators. On my first possesion I was 22 yards from scoring. I handed the ball off to DeShawn Wynn. I ran straight through line dodging tacklers and jumping over DL's. The FS wrapped me up but I burst through using the "new" power button! I had actually made a realisitc looking run! I was almost real! I was beating Tennesse 49-35. My Gators stopped them on their 23 yard line. They lined up to kick the ball. Perfect snap. Perfect hold. But. My star DT burst through the line and swated the ball from the air. I BLOCKED A KICK! I hadnt done that since NCAA 2003! Has it really been 4 years? I couldnt believe it! In the 4th period Tennesse lined up for a desperation FG. They needed to score fast. I lead 56-49. The snap....away from the holder! They messed up the snap! Holy Jamalama! THis game is actually real!

The tackles are realistic! Everything looks real. This game plays and feels like a actual football game! If you like football than there is no excuse! You must get this game!