Next Gen Football has finally Arrived! NCAA 2007 is here, and it's not playing!

User Rating: 9.3 | NCAA Football 07 X360
If you got Madden last year for 360. You could have been disappointed (very disappointed). For many reasons. Because overall it was a rushed game. Now after that big Mistake. EA has gone back to the drawing board and remade a great "next gen" sports game for the 360. NCAA 2007.

Game play: Football is a complex game. And trying to implement it in a video game is not easy. But EA has been doing it for years. So they have got it pretty close to as real as you can get. Player movement is the key. The game feels and plays very smooth. The run has so many options from jukes to spins. You have any move at a press of a button. The passing game hasn't been changed sense the new features in 2006. The QB vision is there. But you have to move the right stick to use it (most people just couldn’t get with the QB vision in madden, why? Don’t know.) The Defense has stepped up a bit also. With more options for the DL and LB's. Blitzes are back from the old madden defense game. Only thing they left out was options for the DB's. We should be able to have more Pre snap control over those guys. But nothing to hurt the game. There's also mini games (3) which will take you from a complex dynasty mode. Which SP fans will love. Take any team to the top and watch them grow!

Graphics: If we have 360's this department shouldn't be issues. The system has the hardware to produce great graphics and EA really made this game look good. Your not going to see your favorite players face. But overall the look is very next gen. And you will have no issues with it (other then when you really pick at the replays).

Sound: If you ever been to a collage football game, you know what loud is. And fans can break or make a game sometime. EA has always done well with sound in there games. And NCAA brings the heat. If you have 5.1 you will get the best out of this. Like when the momentum is fully up. The noise is just like your there. Makes the game that more real.

Value: If you’re really into this sport. Then the game can't get old. If your just using it to get you by till madden comes. Then you have a month of a great game. So the value can defer for different people. The dynasty mode can take a while if you really get into it. While Xbox live will have you playing others whenever you want. You the fan can make the game last how ever long you want.

Overall, I’m very happy with what EA has done with this game. We are now starting to see the 1st stage of "next gen" games. And I’m sure Madden will bring it home for most people. But till then. NCAA is a great game!