It's mind boggling that EA isn't done building this already great series.

User Rating: 9.9 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
Wow, this is the BEST game EA has made so far, I bet. And they aren't even done building! I will break this game down by each category and analyze this great game by those categories. Graphics: The graphics look GREAT. The fans in the stands could look much better, though. But that is very minor. They capture almost every single detail of the players. Even the ball looks close to real life! The graphics rule on this game!

Gameplay: It is VERY fun to play. Campus Legend is great, but they need to add a few more things to it, and it will be perfect, like the ability to transfer, have your team switch confrences, and those are the only ones I can think off the top of my head.
In Dynasty Mode, well, I must admit I barely ever play that mode, but I heard it is very in depth. I do know about the recruiting, which can be a lot better, though.
Other minor things are that during field goals, if the ball is hit to the uprights, sometimes, it just goes straight through it and gets counted as a good field goal, but that's good for you, so don't worry about it. The AI is sometimes unrealistic, but change that up to your preference. I also learned that if you try to name as many players as possible, it makes it very fun to play. The controls are very easy if you have experience with EA football games.

Sound: Well, they only have fight songs for menu songs, but those are much better than the songs they have on Madden, NBA Live, etc. They should continue to use the fight songs. The commentary is pretty good, too. They don't have glitches in the commentary, but it can get repetitive, though.

Buy or Rent?: This game will not dissapoint, don't even bother renting it! This game is pretty cheap, too!

This is my review on NCAA Football 07. From what I saw in this game, 08 should rule!