Annoying isn't anyway to describe this game. That is to good.

User Rating: 4.3 | NCAA College Football 2K3 XBOX
If I am making any fans of the game mad suck it up and go to another review but if you want to know a good review of the game come here. The gameplay is normal football style and the different bowls are great but the menu setups in game like to pick your plays are terrible and can make you pick bad plays......alot. The graphics look decent for a game released in 2002 but so was Super Mario Sunshine was released around that time and that game looks amazing. The sound is ahh bad I don't like it to much. Football fans that like beng confused go ahead and play but no one else should get this game but if you must have a football game go get Madden 05 or ESPN 2K5 thoughs are actually good.