While NCAA 2K3 is a good game, you can't help but think that there are a lot of things missing.

User Rating: 8 | NCAA College Football 2K3 PS2
Yeah, so this is a college football game. Big whoop! Right? Actually, this game is not all that bad. Let's get one thing straight. EA's game is and always be the best college football game out there. Why? Because after this one SEGA will not be making any more and 989 has absolutely no chance in Hell of beating EA. Anyway, back to this game. The gameplay: football. The passing game is really well done in this game, and the running game is good, too. However, the option plays really suck. If anyone figures out which one your QB's actually gonna run, please tell me. Another bad thing that bothered me is that if you make an incomplete pass, the ball will bounce once and then the second time it will be completely stuck to the ground. Making this game somewhat realistic would be nice, y'all. The graphics in this game are good for what they are. The fields, stadiums, and player models look nice. But the players' faces could use some plastic surgery, you know what I mean? And the crowd moves in unison like everybody's stapled together. Whaddupwitdat? The music, presentation, crowds, player chatter, sfx, grunts, and ball bounces sound great in this game. Please, though, let's make it as if these announcers sounded like they weren't reading for a change. With EA's college game out there, there's really no reason to buy this one. EA's is better. I'm giving this game an 8.0 out of 10. Go team! +Not difficult +Great presentation +Better than NCAA GameBreaker -EA's game is better -AI stinks -A little bit unfinished