gamespot must be crazy!!!!!!!!!! this game pretty fun miny games.

User Rating: 8 | NBA PSP just saying you if you like basketball get NBA!!!!!!!!! but the price is a little like me i got it for 10 dollors at e b games witch was dont waste your money buying a brand new one and buy a used one!!!!!!!!!!1 but this game is really good....also the way you shut is awesome and very easy!!!!! and the miny games are amzing! the only thing that dissapointed me is the season mode cant even creat your on stinks......also won of my favorites in the miny games is the 3 point contest....its awesome!!! one time i played for 2 hours straight!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the online play is very,.,, very cool!!!! you create your on user name and your team and your ready!!!!!!!!!!! overal i give this game a 8.0 out of 10