Very underrated, this game is fun and will keep you busy for a while...

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA PSP
What can I say, this game is great. People really underrate this because of the supposed-awkard shooting controls. I think the shooting controls were great and easy to master. The moves could use more variety, instead of jukes and spin moves. It's also way to easy to block. I have seen T.J Ford swat one away from 5 feet away. There are many random glitches, but nothing too annoying. The offensive and defensive plays could also use more variety. It's pretty hard to distinguish different players.
The sound and graphics are really good. The facial details and accesories of the players are crazy. Though the annoying stadium music kinda deafs out the better sounds, you'll get used to it
The online is fun, probably the best part of it.
There are four game modes, including Exihibition, Practise, Season with full management and straight up Play-offs. There is also three mini-games, including 3-point shoot-out, Paint and the Skills challenge. Quick Play just get's you straight into the game with two random teams.

My final thoughts are that this game is very underrated. It's fun, though a little short and vague, but for an NBA debut for the PSP, it's pretty good. I recommend if you want a short, easy game to play on-the-go.