The Graphics aren't the best but Minigames such as the NBA Skills Challenge make up of it I say It's pretty good.

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA PSP
NBA for the PSP was a realease title for the PSP you can see that not to much went into development.The Graphics are fair for some players when you dunk the rim doesn't move unless you hang on it muscle definition is poor with triangle shaped muscles.When you put in Game play it is very good like in Live or 2K you release your shot at the top of your jump,with the Halo it makes you accurate for crunch time situations.The fact they made signatures of players come when you get Green halo or dunk is very unique.The one fault in gameplay is that when you do a alley-opp the players jump as if they will touch the shotclock and the fact that 2 players come to you leaving one man wide open inside for a pass is just horrible lack of A.I inteligence is what didn't make this game the best in it's type.Season is good with 29,52,82 game seasons but trading players like Chucky Atkins for all-stars such as Gilbert Arenas or Kevin Garrnett was just a cheating method to the game. The mini-games are great espacially when you have family and friends around from getting 24.3 seconds on the skills challenge one millisecond more then your cousins to the three point contest fighting for bragging rights this makes up for the game little problems. NBA is one of the most funnest games to date to play on your PSP and a rabid B-Ball fan.