NBA Street Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Codes for Special Features

    At the Versus screen enter the following: (Note: the first number is how many times you press Square, the second number is Triangle, the third number is O, and the fourth number is X)

    Effect Effect
    0-1-1-0 ABA Ball
    4-4-4-4 ABA Socks
    0-0-1-1 Authentic Uniforms
    0-1-1-2 Beach Ball
    4-1-2-1 Big Head
    3-0-2-1 Captain quicks
    1-1-0-0 Casual Uniforms
    0-1-4-0 EA Big Ball
    2-1-3-0 Easy Shots
    2-2-3-0 Harder Long Shots
    2-0-3-0 Infinite Turbo
    3-1-2-3 Less Blocks
    1-3-4-2 Less Gamebreakers
    3-1-4-0 Less Steals
    3-2-1-0 Mad Handles
    0-1-1-3 Medicine Ball
    3-0-1-0 Mega Dunking
    1-4-3-2 More Gamebreakers
    3-3-0-3 No 2-pointers
    3-4-1-2 No alley-oops
    1-2-1-1 No Auto Replays
    1-1-1-1 No Cheats
    3-0-1-2 No dunks
    1-4-4-2 No Gamebreakers
    1-4-1-2 No H.U.D. Display
    1-4-4-3 No juice
    4-4-0-3 No shot clock
    0-1-3-0 NuFX Ball
    0-1-2-3 Player Names
    0-2-1-0 Soccer Ball
    1-1-0-1 Springtime Joe "The Show"
    3-4-1-0 Sticky Fingers
    3-3-1-0 Super Swats
    4-2-4-2 Tiny Heads
    4-0-4-0 Tiny Players
    3-1-1-0 Ultimate power
    2-0-3-0 Unlimited Turbo
    1-2-0-1 Unlock Athletic Joe "The Show"
    1-0-0-1 Unlock Summertime Joe
    0-1-1-4 Volley Ball
    0-1-2-0 WNBA Ball

    Contributed by: QVo, Jobu Dudley, RGuevarra, Levi Sturgeon, viper5116 

  2. Unlockable Features

    Please do the following:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    To unlock Biggs and the Beacon hill court play the city circuit and get to the region 1 city challenge and Beat Biggs' team. Biggs and Beacon hill court
    To unlock Bonafide and Broad street court play the city circuit and get to the region 2 city challenge and beat Bonafide's team. Bonafide and Broad street court
    To unlock DJ and the venice beach court play the city circuit and get to the region 4 city challenge and beat DJ's team. DJ and Venice beach court
    To unlock Drake and the Yard court play the city circuit and get to the region 3 city challenge and beat Drake's team. Drake and the Yard court
    To unlock Stretch and Rucker park court play the city circuit and get to the region 2 city challenge and beat Stretch's team. Stretch and Rucker park court
    To unlock Takashi and Yakatomi plaza court play the city circuit and get to the region 5 city challenge and beat Takashi's team. Takashi and Yakatomi plaza court
    To unlock new characters and courts simply win the different challenges in the circuit. Also, after you beat various teams, you get their star player as a selctable character. Unlock Characters and Courts

    Contributed by: Robshi, kingmark 

  3. Control Farthest Man From Ball

    Please do the following:

    Effect Effect
    Hold L1,L2,R1,R2 and press triangle once during the fly in when Joe ''The Show'' announces players. After, press X twice fast Control Farthest Man From Ball

    Contributed by: viper5116 

  4. Explosive Rims

    To get explosive rims, at the cheats screen, enter (from left to right, number means the number of times you press the button.):

    Effect Effect
    Turntable-Shoe-Microphone-Ball-Left or Up Explosive Rims

    Contributed by: Poots 

  5. Extra Teams

    Go to the the ''Enter User ID'' screen, and enter the User Record box. Then do the following:

    Effect Effect
    Press and Hold L2 and press Down x3, Left, X. or, you can get 30 wins in any mode. Play as NYC Legends Team
    Press and hold hold R1, then press Left x2, Right, Down, X. Or, you can get 20 wins in any mode. Play as Team 3LW
    Press and hold L2, then press Up, Down x2, Left, and X. Or, you can get 10 wins in any mode. Play as Team Big
    At the enter ID screen, hold (R1) and press left left right down X. Team 3LW
    At the Enter User ID screen, Hold R2 and press Up, Up, Right, Right, X. Unlock Team Dream
    Press and hold R1 then press Right, Left, Up, Down, X Unlock Team Street Legends

    Contributed by: stncldrwg, Noodles, Unknown Keyblade 

  6. All Courts

    Please do the following:

    Effect Effect
    In 'Hold the Court' go where you choose your court: Hold R2 and press Up, Dn, L, R, R, L, Dn, and hold Up, holding up, push X Unlock All courts

    Contributed by: Keith Valentine 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by DreThug 149K
General FAQs FAQ by JRasmussen 59K
General FAQs FAQ by Pickz 36K

NBA Street Cheats For GameCube

  1. NBA Street Codes

    Effect Effect
    basketball, basketball, turntable, shoe ABA Ball
    shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe ABA Socks
    turntable, turntable, turntable, shoe Athletic Joe ''The Show''
    basketball,shoe, turntable, turntable Authentic Unforms
    basketball, basketball, turntable, turntable Beach Ball
    shoe, shoe, shoe, backboard Big Heads
    shoe, turntable, backboard, basketball Captain Quicks
    basketball, shoe, megaphone, megaphone Casual Uniforms
    basketball, basketball, megaphone, turntable EA BIG Ball
    basketball, backboard, backboard, basketball Easy Distance Shots
    turntable, turntable, turntable, megaphone Explosive Rims
    basketball, turntable, turntable, basketball Harder Distance Shots
    basketball, turntable, shoe, basketball Less Blocks
    shoe, turntable, turntable, basketball Less Gamebreakers
    basketball, shoe, backboard, basketball Less Steals
    shoe, backboard, turntable, basketball Mad Hands
    basketball, basketball, shoe, shoe Medicine Ball
    basketball, megaphone, megaphone, basketball Mega Dunking
    shoe, backboard, backboard, basketball More Gamebreakers
    basketball, turntable, backboard, basketball No 2-Pointers
    basketball, backboard, turntable, basketball No Alley-Oops
    turntable, turntable, turntable, turntable No Auto Replays
    basketball, shoe, basketball, shoe No Cheats
    turntable, backboard, shoe, basketball No Dunks
    shoe, megaphone, megaphone, basketball No Gamebreakers
    turntable, turntable, shoe, turntable No HUD Display
    turntable, backboard, backboard, basketball No Juice
    turntable, turntable, backboard, turntable No Player Indicators
    shoe, shoe, shoe, basketball No Shot Clock
    turntable, turntable, turntable, backboard No Shot Indicator
    basketball, basketball, back board, megaphone NuFX Ball
    turntable, turntable, basketball, turntable Player Names
    basketball, basketball, megaphone, megaphone Soccer Ball
    turntable, turntable, turntable, basketball Springtime Joe ''The Show''
    backboard, shoe, turntable, basketball Sticky Fingers
    turntable,turntable,megaphone, thurntable Summertime Joe ''The Show''
    backboard, turntable, shoe, basketball Super Swats
    shoe, shoe, shoe, megaphone Tiny Heads
    shoe, shoe, shoe, turntable Tiny Players
    turntable, shoe, backboard, basketball Ultimate Power
    turntable, shoe, shoe, basketball Unlimited Turbo
    basketball, basketball, backboard, backboard Volleyball
    basketball, basketball, shoe, backboard WNBA Ball

    Contributed by: Lucas 

  2. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    To get created player items you have to break diffrent records in Hold the court mode. Create-a-Player Items
    To unlock Biggs, Bonafide, Drake, DJ, Takashi, and Stretch you must first beat them in City Circuit. You must first beat all the teams in the region, and them you will face the players in their respective order in a game. Unlock All Secret Characters
    Complete all the training sessions in the Street School mode to unlock the EA Big ''Pacific Boulevard'' court. Unlock EA Big Pacific Boulevard Court
    Win 20 games to unlock team 3LW Unlock team 3LW
    To unlock Team Dream, which includes the Yeti Snowman, Graylien Alien, and Magma Man, you must complete Hold the Court mode on any difficulty. Unlock Team Dream
    Win 10 Games to unlock team EA Big Unlock Team EA Big
    Win 30 games in any mode to unlock Team NYC Legends. This team is made up of three real-life New York City street greats. Unlock Team NYC Legends
    Beat the City Circuit Mode to Unlock team Street Legends. This team has all the street legends won from the street challenges. Unlock Team Street Legends

    Contributed by: DragonDude113, jordan, Dogg, SMoothTrashTalk, lsw232, dw0914 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by Pickz 36K
General FAQs FAQ by dw0914 75K