2 Fast 2 Furious

User Rating: 9.3 | NBA Street V3 PS2
When i first got this game i had to learn the moves in practice because it was my first time playing a basket ball game on ps2 lol. yeh so i tried and tried and then i suddenly gave up because the computers were to good. But then i relised, the computers aint top class on medium mode, they are medium class and it was me who was playing rubbish. So once i got the moves together, what can i say, THIS GAME RULEZZZZZZ!!!!.

Good points: Kl musik, graphics are brilliant, Skills and tricks are sensational, create your own baller to creating your own court, and customisation on the creating modes such as creating your own shoes! Multiplayer is tremendous.

Bad point: Stealing the ball of your oppnement can not always be easy

Overall a FABOLOUS game and i recomend it to any sports fan and basket ball fans or people who enjoyed the fifa street series.