Off da Hook or should i say Hoop

User Rating: 10 | NBA Street V3 PS2
Wow. This is my first street and it 'BLEW' my mind off.

The soundtracks rule, the moves are cool and the graphics are off the ****
The dunks are so good. I must say that this game is really the best in the series (well the new one NBA Street Homecourt must be better). The handling is really cool, the tricks r cool, and the environment is off the hook. My personal favs are the GAMEBREAKERS. In which u can do loads of tricks in air, and when ur pal jumps up, u can pass the ball to him and continue. (The tricks wont work if u don't stop doing them and score a dunk).

if u r leading and score a gamebreaker, u can actually break the board (awesome!!). The best bit of the game is the Street Challenge, in which u have 1 month to raise your REP. U create ur own baller, gather ur own crew and start dribblin that ball to heaven. u can also create ur own crew name and court, and wid the points u get from the games, u can either upgrade ur skillz or buy new clothes.

U can also make ur own kicks. Cool!!!

There are events such as Slam Dunk Competitions, in which u can earn LOADS of points.

I, personally, advise everysingle lover or player of B-Ball to try this game.