Street basket has finally got a superb game. Make your player, put him in a team and win the street tour and NBA league

User Rating: 9.1 | NBA Street V3 PS2
By releasing this game, EA Games ( EA Sports Big) made their company even more popular on the Play Station 2 platform and in basketball games (especially street ones).
This game has the amazing single player career mode. You can make your own player and put him in team you pick. Player making is very detailed and you can even make your own shoes for your plyer. After you make your player you put him in team in which you choose members. Career is very detailed and there is also an NBA league.
In street league you get experience points to upgrade your player. You can make your own court if you have enough points. Every few games there will be slam dunk contest. This is one new feature which wasn't in NBA Street vol.2. Dunks are incredible and impossible to do in real life (like jump from 3 point line and even further and make 900 rotation and jumping over a garbage or phone station).
Also there is other game types in which you can practice alone or just play with other teams. This game has a great multiplayer ( I haven't tried it yet but everybody say it's great). After few hours of playing you'll became trick and dunk master.
And for the end, game soundtrack is also good but sometimes gets boring when they repeat songs and while game is loading you get annoying sound.

All in allt his is one of the best basketball games ever made for Play Station 2, including street basket and regular.

The Pros: Detailed player making, Slam Dunk Contest, New Tricks, New Gamebraker that allows you to make abnormal tricks, long career mode with NBA League included, NBA teams and street legends and also a old-school legends.

The Cons: Soundtrack (boring and no connection with game), game mods, and finally the gamebraker (no more 2 stages as it was in NBA Street vol.2)