Everything you need in a street game!

User Rating: 10 | NBA Street V3 PS2
When i think of this game, the first thing i think of is the amazing graphics. I remember being amazed how it real it looked when i first played it after i bought it. Graphics and smooth controls are the biggest strengths of this game. It really doesnt have many drawbacks, except it can get a lil repetitive playing against the CPU alot. Though, there is an addictive aspect to the game of creating your own custom player from scratch and building up his skills and getting better teamates through a VERY long season, bulding up points by winning games. And the fact there are many different "games" to play with different rules, such as dunks-only, dunk contests, 21, trick points, etc. as well as tournaments. this is sort of the "season mode" parrallel that of a realistic basketball game. This game is extremely fun, and with any competitive sport game, makes for a great multiplayer experience. this game has TONS of content when it comes to making custom players with your custom home court, but thats not a big deal to me. this is THE street basketball game, so if you're looking for one, it mine as well be this one... oh, one letdown is the repetitive background music, lol, gets REAL annoying. the commentator is actually somewhat funny, and not too repetitive. so turn him up, the music down and put ur own music on.