Awesome, I was a fan of basketball and am even more a fan now. I don't know how that all works out but w/e.

User Rating: 9.4 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
NBA Street V3 is an awesome game, grahpics could be alittle better, but hey nothing is perfect. This game is based on creating your own NBA Star then taking him to the streets and delivering some pain on the court, who doesn't like that! In the Street Challenge you only get to play about 60 games then your done, nut hey once you defeat everyone you get to start all over but even better lol...

*Tip-Make a character that is all tall as possible 7'6"
(affect)--Stand infront of basket and swat down the ball everytime, then you catch the rebound and run it up to the hoop, easily.
The tip above could be considered a cheat, so I will quickly name is "Tall Ball"