The Streetball movement for the video game world is at its peak.

User Rating: 8.8 | NBA Street V3 PS2
When EA Sports BIG released NBA Street V3, it had to be a little better than its predeccesor, even though Vol. 2 is really good. What I liked in this game was the different tricks you can do all at one time with the analog stick. That ability showed that their tricks selection wasn't slimming like Vol. 2. The Dunk Contest was pretty good too. Even though NBA players and Legends can't really jump that high, the tricks you can do while in the air and what you would hop over was revolutionary and challenging, which made that mode look good. What I didn't like were the glitches. when one of the players go out of bounds to put the ball back into play, they get stuck to a person on their team, which is stupid. The NBA and strreetball players selection was pretty wide, picking from MVP star Steve Nash to Front cover guy for this installment, Baron Davis. The customizations were good also, I just wish you could wear the same clothes as the NBA players wear. Of cousre, you can play in their team jerseys, but not in their shoes, because LeBron James had his 2's on and I didn't see that as a shoe selection. The Sound was good also, especially what NBA's DJ Bobbito Garcia was saying to tell how badly your shot was blocked and how you got shooked. The music was a 2.5 out of 5. The only good songs were Guerrilla Black's Trixxx, Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix) and Open Letter to NYC, made by NY's hip hop hitters and playble characters, MCA , Mike D, and Adrock, better known as The Beastie Boys. Overall, The gameplay's nice, but what's better is the multiplayer. This game gets an 8.8 out of 10.