NBA Street V3 is a good game, but it is only okay, as far as basketball goes...

User Rating: 8.3 | NBA Street V3 GC
NBA Street V3 was a game that many fans were waiting for, and it was a popular release, but I need to say, I wasn't that happy with the game.

The Good: NBA Street V3 is a good game of basketball, taken to the streets, with no fouling and out of bounds, and it's pretty fun. Thje graphics were pretty good, as all of the courts and characters look pretty good. You can't go wrong with the sound either, the music blends in with the game. The game has some fun things to offer, like the Mario characters, and the Slam Dunk Contest. The game is fun when you play to 21... Each team is different, and there are only three players on each team. The passes are good, and may fake you out, and the dunks and lay ups are fun to perform. It's also pretty fun to momentarily stun your opponents by doing some crazy ball moves in front of their face. Dunk Contests are always fun. Creating a court and a player is a great idea, but can be very hard.

The Bad: The games of 21 are fun, but only take about 10 minutes. The tricks are fun to perform, but they get boring, since it becomes way too easy to trick your opponents. Dunk Contests were fun at first, but they eventually get very boring very easily. They also can take a long time, as everyone has to go, and you have to do some waiting. Creating a player is way too insane, since it costs a lot of points to buy stuff, and you only get some every time you enter a dunk contest, or you play a game. The same thing goes with creating a court.... if you want it to look good anyway.

V3 is a great experience, but it didn't appeal to me that much, and it may not appeal to you either, so rent it before you buy it.