Those who love NBA have much to learn about what happens in Street Ball, and this game will sure teach them!

User Rating: 9.7 | NBA Street V3 GC
I got this game for Christmas and started playing it, at first I thought V2 was way better but then I tried Street Challenge which was something completely different! It is completely awesome and will teach everyone the power of Street Ball! The only bad thing in this game is the announcer, sometimes he gets on my nerves and annoys me so much that I have to turn his speech volume off, but still it's an awesome game! And the Gamecube version is like "Oh yeah, as good as the PS2 and XBOX versions of this, right?" WRONG! The Mario Bros!? What next!? This is THE best basketball game I have EVER played and is better than the annoying yet sometimes fun NBA series! Totally reccomend this game for anyone.