Freaking Amazing. Streetball V2 was great and is majorly outdone by this absolutely flawless game.

User Rating: 9.9 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
Ok so maybe the game isn't entirely flawless and i was exaggerating. Yes the soundtrack is too short, but when you are playing a game the music doesn't affect the gameplay. You can just as easily play with the TV on mute. Another complaint is the announcer. If you don't like the annoying announcer suck it up you wusses. If you've ever watched the actual And 1 Mixtapes, their announcer is just as annoying. The replay value in this game is extremely high being that there are multiple types of ballers you can make. Ok, big deal, you beat the street challenge mode with a post. Think you could beat it with a guard? How bout on legendary? People who say that it's not fun after the first time either haven't explored the game or are talking out their butts. Like I mentioned before, there are multiple types of ballers. And a ton of unlockables such as the beastie boys and old school legends. Even if you aren't a huge fan of basketball; as long as you know what a basketball is, and have a console, pick up this game.