A more than decent b-ball game with alot of replay value.

User Rating: 9 | NBA Street V3 PS2
NBA street v3 is pretty cool. You can make your own baller, your own shoes, your own bball court, and even customize your tricks a little bit. If there was anything negative to say about the game I think the only thing that can be mentioned is the fact that sometimes you face off against people who totally outclass you and your team sometimes.

The first thing you do in the game is make your own baller, you can choose from all different kind of faces although white dudes only have a couple, and then you can choose clothes, shoes, jewelry, tattoo's, haircuts, and skin tone. For the external stuff you will usually require street points to purchase stuff. You can also adjust your ballers height and weight/muscle tone.

After you have a baller you get to distribute some attribute points that are also baught with street points. These control what your baller is good at like dunks and long range shots to power and blocking, and a bunch of others. Raising your skills can get expensive quickly so you have to be selective.

After that you choose what type of game you want to play. There is a "career" mode where you get a specific number of days to play whatever bball games you want and see what kind of reputation you can build. There is a dunk content thingy, I dont know much about it. I assume you get to enter a ton of dunk contests or maybe its just a one off thing that you can do for some quick street points. There is also a quick play mode where you just do single games for fun.

In "Career" mode you pick two team mates and form a team. Then you start playing matches during the day and night. You get to choose from a couple of different courts to play on and each one is usually running a different type of game. There are a ton of different types of games to be played with specific rules. Like dunks only, everything is 1 point, play to a trick point total, to the first game breaker, and a ton more.

If you win a match you get street points to spend on your attributes or buying crap like jewelry or stuff for your home court like a different style of bball hoop and stuff or shoes, clothes, or whatever else you feel like spending the points on. You can also recruit a guy from the other team if you win giving you a chance to improve your overall team because most of the time the people you play against have better stats.

As your reputation grows you get access to more and more bball courts which have tougher opponents and special challenges. Sometimes special events require street points to enter so dont blow them all, all the time. You better be using them to improve your guys attributes though instead of buying cool necklaces and crap though cuz the difficulty can get rough.

The fun part is the bball games of course with all the cool dunks and ankle breaking moves you can do. There are different level of ankle breakers you can perform starting at your basic no turbo just press a right stick direction moves all the way up to 4 turbo's + right stick movement moves. The higher the level of your ankle breaker though the more turbo it consumes and the higher your handling rating better be. My handling is at 50/99 and my guy screws up 4 turbo ankle breakers most of the time.

Gamebreaker dunks are really cool. You do a giant leap into the air and move the right stick around to make them do different motions but now your team mates will leap into the air to allowing you to pass the ball off and continue doing moves. You can include both your team mates for some high scoring dunks. I think gamebreaking dunks can earn you extra points according to how many moves you pull off during the dunks up to +4. You also subtract points from the other team's score by doing gamebreakers.

You also have off your opponent passes like his feet, butt, head/face, you have off the backboard passes to yourself and also off the backboard to yourself dunks. Of course there is also the cool alley-oop move that you can pull off whenever your team mates leap into the air.

You get relatively low street point rewards in the game which can be frustrating but making it a slow process really adds to the replay factor of the game. If you could make out and blint out your ball quickly you wouldnt need to play the game very much. As it is now you will really feel like you have earned everything that you get.

Im not sure if you can keep reusing the same baller between "career" mode or if you can make like 3 custom ballers and have them all on the same team or what. I think if you like bball you would really enjoy this game and I would say its even worth owning even if your not hardcore into sports game because it is fun and will add variety to your collection.

I like what some of the other bball games hae tried to do by bringing in houses and cars and free roaming into things. I wish NBA Street had those. You can use obstacles in a dunk contest in street and it would be hella cool to pull up in a lamborgini and leap over it while doing a dunk move. Or see your guy walk off the court with a couple of hot chicks on his arm. NBA street has the skills, now it needs some flash.