A wonderful street basketball game to play. Street v3 is another smash hit game in the NBA Street series.

User Rating: 9 | NBA Street V3 PS2
NBA Street V3 is the third game in the NBA Street series. The game play is similar to all the other NBA Street games you can only pick three players in a team and have a 3v3 basketball game. You also have to perform tricks and shots to get your game breaker meter up so you can perform a game breaker. You get more points when performing a game breaker depending on the tricks you executed and how long the ball is passed. You can score up two to four points and the other team loses points.

The single player is also similar to the past NBA Street games. You create a baller tour around places play different teams and you can pick up rookie or professional NBA teammates along the way. The more rep you get the better players you can get and choose from to join your team. There are a few more Street Legends in the game and exclusively for the Game Cube version you unlock Mario, Luigi and, Peach.

There is a wider variety of clothing and items you can customize your character with and another great thing in this game is you are able to create your own street court. A lot of things you can use to create your street court with.

Another great feature in Street V3 is a slam dunk contest. The game breaker dunking controls apply to the slam dunk contest controllers. The better you execute your tricks and dunk the more score you get. The game graphics are good and the details are beautiful.

Overall NBA Street V3 is a really fun game to play especially if you are getting tired of playing realistic basketball games this is a fun game to try out. If you are a fan of NBA Street and haven't played V3 yet you should definitely try it out a lot of different features that makes Street V3 better than past NBA streets.