A good ghetto game actually worth your time

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Street V3 PS2
NBA Street Volume 3 is a worthy addition to the franchise. It adds depth and even more style on top of a series that already had this in aces, and it also stands as THE best arcade basketball game your money can buy.

One thing that cannot be ignored about V3 is its undeniable, ghetto charm, a great deal of which is in respects to the art direction. The game just looks like it came straight from a baller’s imagination. Right from the opening sequence, you get a rich, colourful presentation that just stays consistent throughout the whole game.

It integrates superbly stylish elements that make the experience so much more fun. Like when you complete a ‘gamebreaker’ dunk, the screen turns dark, the court turns into a stage, and a spotlight falls on you as your name is written across the screen in gold running writing. It's superb.

Another merit to V3 is the impressive depth of customization. Clothes, hair, shoes, home courts, moves, teams and skills all appear on the list of ‘things that can be changed to your satisfaction’. You're also assigned a nickname in accordance to your performance.

There is a chink in V3’s armour though. The more you progress in Street Challenge mode, the more it becomes apparent that your experience is being recycled. Smallish things like different scoring systems or dunk contests can vary the overall experience, but only to a certain extent, and suddenly (but not until after a long enough while) does the formula feel a bit worn.

But this is an great game and even though the gameplay cycles and recycles, it's presenting you with a good cycle that you’ll take pleasure in running the course of, and it now stands totally unopposed as the greatest arcade basketball experience ever.