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User Rating: 9.6 | NBA Street V3 GC
NBA Street V3 is a street style basketball game.

Gameplay: The Gameplay of NBA Street V3 is incredibly awesome. You can pull of hundereds of trick. You are probably thinking that it is hard to pull of tricks since you can pull off so many, but the truth is that it is pretty easy to pull off tricks. The Gameplay modes make this game even more fun. Especialy the Street Challenge, where you create a baller and earn some reputation on the streets with a custom team. Dunk contest is alos a cool mode where you do fancy dunks to impress judges.

Sound: I've never played an EA game that has bad audio. This is no exception, with tons of licensed tracks, you won't have to listen to your own music when playing this game.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are pretty good, but not the best. The lighting and character designs as well as the environments are good, but not awesome.

Customization: It is also really fun to create a baller using the create aballer option. You can customization anything from shoes to abs.

This really is a good game.