Great sound track and pretty good gameplay. the announcer got worse, though.

User Rating: 8 | NBA Street V3 GC
I got this game by trading Legend of Zelda the collector's edition (don't worry, I beat it) and I was happy with it. The Soundtrack had awesome songs, and, gameplay is very straightforward. the graphics were ok, but not much improvement from NBA Street Volume 2. in fact, some places had worse graphics than V2, like the team gamebreaker bars. but it had a handful of new things like dunk contest and make a court. the creating of a character is WAY more in depth now, so that is good. but the announcer kind of disappointed me. he lost emotion, had a bad voice (I know, he is on a speaker, but V2's was too much better), and lost some of his funny phrases. In all, there are big ups and big downs, but I reccommend buying it. it is pretty cheap, so I wouldn't hesitate.