Damn son! Mario got skilz!

User Rating: 9 | NBA Street V3 GC
NBA Street V3 is your basic 3 on 3 Basketball game with huge changes coming from the first two, but one of the coolest features is when you play the Gamecube version you get to choose from Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach as your character to play. NBA Street V3 also offers a feature called " The Trick Stick" Which allowed you to perform tricks and amazing combos. This game is all about customizing. You can pretty much customize everything from your shoes, cloths, appearance, even design your own Basketball Court. This game is long with allot of things to do. You start off a ameture team that battles along the way to become an official NBA team. Along the way you can pick up players from other teams and earn street cred and points to buy new cloths. Their is also dunk competitions that are fairly hard and take much practice to master. Another mode is practice mode which it pretty much explanatory but offers good practice skills. The tricks in this game are awesome and unbelievable. The replay value on this game is very good and makes a great multi player. Even the Beastie Boys are in this game but will require points to unlock them. And the music in this game is just what you would expect from EA. A good track list with mostly rap. The music is a good pick of songs it really does get you pumped while you are playing. So if your a basketball fan then I definitely recommend this game. So grab a few friends and play all night long.